Firelog Best Practices & Important Safety Tips

Can I burn more than one Pine Mountain Firelog at a time?

No. Our firelogs were designed for single use. They produce up to twice the BTU per pound of wood. Additionally, Java-Log Firelog flames are up to 3 times more brilliant than wood fire flames. Burning more than one firelog at a time could result in too large or too hot a fire for your fireplace.

Can I burn Pine Mountain Firelogs in my outdoor backyard fire pit or chiminea?

Yes, all Pine Mountain Firelogs are appropriate for outdoor use, including fire pits, camping, and chimineas as long as they are not burning in an airtight container. For chimineas, we recommend using our 2 Hour Pine Mountain Firelog since the BTU content of a 3 Hour or 4 Hour log may be too extreme for the enclosed area. We also recommend contacting your local authorities to learn about outdoor burning regulations in your area.

Should I use Pine Mountain Firelogs as firestarters?

No, our line of StarterLogg® firestarters are specifically designed to make it quick and easy for you to ignite a cordwood fire—even if the wood is damp. View our all of our Pine Mountain firestarters.

Can I use Pine Mountain Firelog in my wood-burning stove?

No. Our firelog and firestarter products are designed to only be used in traditional wood burning fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. They have not been tested to be used in a wood-burning stove. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our products will function as designed if they are used in any other manner than what we recommend. As the safety precaution on our packaging states, our products are not for use in wood stoves or air-tight stoves.

Can I add wood to Pine Mountain Firelogs?

We don’t recommend it. They burn with such brilliance on their own.

Are Pine Mountain Firelogs safe for my chimney?

Yes. All our firelogs are chimney friendly, burn cleaner, and result in less creosote buildup than real wood. Our Pine Mountain Firelogs result in up to 66% less creosote buildup compared to hardwood fires, while our Java-Log Firelogs perform even better. Java-Log Firelogs are also endorsed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as a preferred and recommended safe-burning alternative to hardwood. 

Why do some manufactured fireplaces say it is not safe to burn manufactured firelogs?

When manufactured fireplaces were first introduced, their UL-Certification Tests did not address the use of firelogs, instead recommending the use of firewood. With the advent of manufactured firelogs and the environmental movement to save trees, most fireplace manufacturers changed their product labels and warranty information, approving the use of UL-Classified solid fuels, including Pine Mountain® Firelogs.

Can I cook over Pine Mountain Firelogs?

It is not recommended to cook over firelogs.

I have asthma. Can I use Pine Mountain Firelogs?

Our products have not been tested for asthma safety, so legally, we cannot recommend that people with asthma use them. However, our firelogs emit little to no smoke, so many people with asthma have chosen them as an alternative to burning cordwood or other kinds of firelogs

If my pet or child eats Pine Mountain Firelogs, will they get sick?

None of the ingredients in our firelogs should be harmful. However, we do recommend contacting your veterinarian or doctor immediately. In addition, please contact our Consumer Affairs department for a copy of the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for assistance.

Will I still be able to burn Pine Mountain Firelogs if they accidentally get wet?

Yes. Simply let them dry out for 48 hours before using them.

Will Java-Log Firelogs keep me awake all night from caffeine emissions?

No. They do not emit caffeine when burned, so you’ll sleep as soundly as ever.

What are the ingredients in Pine Mountain and Java-Log Firelogs?

Please contact our Consumer Affairs department for a copy of the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet or to answer questions.

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