The tools to get your fire going

Our traditional firelogs are the perfect weekday or weekend fireside experience. Turn everyday into a moment of magic with the simple strike of a match.

Pine Mountain Quantum Firelogs, feature bigger, bolder flames with a split-log shape that enhances the flame and fireside experience.

Our firestarters light wood fires fast and effectively both indoors and outdoors.

The Pine Mountain Difference - Guaranteed Fire, Fast.
Why our Firelogs Are Better than Firewood

Cleaner Products for a Greener World

Natural Ingredients

Our firelogs produce 80% less carbon monoxide emissions and up to 75% less particulate matter, compared to cordwood fires.

Renewable Resources

Almost all of our ingredients come from renewable resources, including pecan shells and molasses.

Sustainable Processes

Our use of recycled materials—such as hardwood sawdust, candle wax, and coffee grounds—reduces waste by over 100 million pounds every year.

Tips and ideas to make every fire a moment of magic.

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