About Pine Mountain

Our Story

Since the beginning of time, people of all generations have gathered and bonded over fire. It’s a captivating experience that helps us escape our busy lives and connect with friends and family. It’s about having a conversation, sharing an experience or enjoying well deserved relaxation time. Fire engages our senses – we can see and enjoy the hypnotic flames, hear the crackle and feel the warmth. Few things in life imprint a memory and fuel nostalgia like fire does. Fire bridges generational gaps and transforms moments into experiences and experiences into memories.

Our love of fire began in 1980, when our team developed its first Firestarter products. Knowing that starting a fire was often the greatest challenge, our first step was to simplify that task. Not only did we create an easy way to start a fire using all-natural, American hardwood sawdust, but we also found a way to utilize a previously unused resource.

Throughout the years, we’ve added products that repurpose other previously unused resources, such as coffee grounds. Our innovations, such as timed technology, allow families to choose firelogs that precisely fit their needs—and ensure a good fire whenever and wherever they want.

We understand the powerful urge to gather close around the warmth of the hearth. That’s why we made it our mission to bring you nature-inspired products that make it easy to nestle up to a cozy fire. Going forward, you can count on us to continue our legacy of innovation, continuing to bring you more authentic, nature-inspired products.

We appreciate the importance of a moment in time. Whether it’s a large family gathering that will be remembered for generations, a reunion of friends, or the perfect Wednesday night, we know there is something special about watching the flames dance and feeling the warmth. We exist to light your fire and create your next moment of magic.

Our History Through the Years

Pine Mountain timeline

Our Commitment to Quality

Our team is dedicated to giving you the finest quality, nature-inspired products that make it easy for you and your family to get cozy around the fire. We also want to provide superior customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us at (877) 402-5185.

A Cleaner & Greener Fire

Pine Mountain Firelogs are the greener alternative for the fires you enjoy, benefiting the environment in many ways. Our firelogs burn cleaner than cordwood, producing up to 80% less carbon monoxide* and up to 75% less particulate matter.* And our commitment to a greener world extends across all our operations, including shipping, packaging and formulations, with nearly all the materials in our products made from renewable resources. With Pine Mountain you can be sure that your choice is a clean one.

Carbon Monoxide

in grams/hour

Pine Mountain: 41

Douglas Fir: 204
Oak: 270

Creosote Accumulation

in g/fire

Pine Mountain: 2.07

Oak: 8.78

Particulate Matter

in grams/hour

Pine Mountain: 14

Douglas Fir: 29
Oak: 60

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