Environmental Impact

Are Pine Mountain Firelogs better for the environment?

Absolutely! Our firelogs offer a cleaner burn and emit far less carbon monoxide, combustion residue, and particulate matter than regular oak firewood fires. They also save trees, are made of recycled sawdust and coffee grounds, and reduce landfill waste—over 100 million pounds a year! Plus, their compact size allows for the same burn time as larger firelogs but requires less fuel to ship them to retailers.

Can I use the ashes from Pine Mountain Firelogs as compost in my garden?

Yes. Ashes from our firelogs are safe to use in the soil of your outdoor garden. Spread the ashes evenly over a large area and mix in with soil.

Where do the coffee grounds used in Java-Log Firelogs come from?

The majority of the spent coffee grounds come from instant coffee manufacturers. Waste grounds from coffee shops are a secondary source.

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