Pine Mountain  Creosote Buster™ Firelog

Pine Mountain®
Creosote Buster®  Firelog

Prevent dangerous chimney fires with the Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Firelog designed with First Alert™, the most trusted brand in home safety products. Used once per season, Creosote Buster firelog reduces creosote buildup and the chance of a home heating fire, the second leading cause of home fires.

  • Simple to use: just add to an existing fire
  • When heated, the powder in the Firelog changes to an active gas and attacks the creosote in the chimney
  • All natural and contains no wax
  • Reduces creosote in wood fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Removes 2 times as much creosote as the Chimney Sweeping Log (CSL)*
  • Patented technology**

*Source: OMNI-Test Laboratoires: After a single treatment, Creosote Buster removes 105% more creosote than CSL; 34.09% of the creosote had been removed compared to 16.59% for the CSL log
**US Patent #: 6,913,631B2

How to Activate

Creosote Buster - Step 1
Step 1:
Build and light fire.
Creosote Buster - Step 2
Step 2:
After 30 minutes, add Creosote Buster™ firelog to burning fire
Creosote Buster - Step 3
Step 3:
Active ingredients in Creosote Buster™ firelog begin attacking the creosote.

Why use?

Creosote build-up can cause a dangerous and potentially life-threatening house fire.

Help to reduce dangerous creosote by burning Creosote Buster™ firelog every 40 fires.


Creosote Buster™ firelog can be used in:

• Fireplaces
• Wood stoves

Do not use Creosote Buster™ firelog in:

• BBQ grills
• Oil stoves
• Electrical appliances
• Fireplaces with gas logs
• Pellet stoves

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