Start a Fire with a
Single Match. Guaranteed.

No newspaper. No kindling. No messing around.

The quickest way to a roaring fire—inside and out—begins with Pine Mountain Firestarters. From starting a fire in a fireplace or fire pit to building a fire in a charcoal grill, our full range of fire-starting methods was designed to give you power over even the toughest and wettest of circumstances.

How to Start a Fire:

Choose Pine Mountain Firestarters every time you need to get the flames going.

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™  Firestarter

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™ Firestarter

Charcoal or wood—a quick fire anytime, anywhere
StarterLogg<sup>®</sup> Firestarters

StarterLogg® Firestarters

A good fire with a simple strike of a match
StarterStikk™ Fatwood Firestarters

StarterStikk™ Fatwood Firestarters

Spark to flame, nature's way!
Strike-a-Fire Firestarter

Strike-a-Fire Firestarter

Fire starter that strikes like a match.

Start Right with Pine Mountain Firestarters

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