It’s Your Legacy
A Cleaner Burning Fire Means a Greener World

Pine Mountain Firelogs are the greener alternative for the fires you enjoy, benefiting the environment in many ways.
Our firelogs burn cleaner than cordwood, producing up to 80% less carbon monoxide* and up to 75% less particulate matter.*
And our commitment to a greener world extends across all our operations, including shipping, packaging and formulations,
with nearly all the materials in our products made from renewable resources. With Pine Mountain you can be sure that your
choice is a clean one.

• Pine Mountain Firelogs produce up to 80% LESS carbon monoxide,* and up to 75% LESS particulate matter*

*15th Emission Inventory Conference, New Orleans, May 2006


Pine Mountain Firelog vs. Real Wood Firelogs

Carbon Monoxide
in grams/hour


Creosote Accumulation
in g/fire


Particulate Matter
in grams/hour