Inspiration, Innovation and Safety:
A Pine Mountain® Brand Tradition

Since our passion for fire began, Pine Mountain Brand team has understood the powerful urge to gather close around the warmth of the hearth. Fire feeds our soul and warms our spirit. So we’ve made it our mission to bring you nature-inspired products that make it easy to nestle up to a cozy fire, in the fireplace or around the campfire, with a simple strike of a match.

Our story begins in 1980, when our team developed its first Firestarter products. Knowing that starting a fire was often the greatest challenge, making the task simple—and fast—seemed a great place to bring fresh ideas. Not only did we create an easy way to start a fire using all-natural American hardwood sawdust, but we also found a way to utilize a previously unused resource.

Inspiration and momentum really began to percolate when we saw coffee houses popping up around the country, yielding another previously unused resource: coffee grounds. The aroma of brewed coffee is nirvana, so why not bring two great experiences—gathering around a hearth and the smell of fresh coffee—into one? In 1999 the Java-Log® Firelog was born. And just four years later it was named one of TIME® magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year.

A major milestone in Pine Mountain’s evolution was the incorporation of timed technology into our firelogs in 2009. Since then, families have been precisely choreographing the length of fire to fit their needs, ensuring a good fire whenever and wherever they want.

Safety has been a Pine Mountain priority throughout our history. And beginning in 2013 with the introduction of our Creosote Buster™ Firelog, we teamed up with First Alert™ to create fire safety products aimed at ensuring that every Pine Mountain fire you enjoy will keep you both warm and safe.

Going forward you can count on us to continue our legacy of innovation, bringing you more of the authentic, nature-inspired products that will turn your everyday in a mountain retreat.