New Look, Concentrated Formula Fuels Greener, Cleaner Burning Fires

Pine Mountain Brand promises “More warmth. More time. More life™.”

Daleville, Ind., June 2009 – Pine Mountain Firelogs is proud to announce the release of a new, concentrated formula and greener packaging, due in stores nationwide starting in September. By using a proprietary manufacturing process, Pine Mountain products emit up to 80 percent less carbon monoxide than burning natural oak firewood, reduce up to 66 percent less creosote buildup in the chimney and release fewer emissions into the atmosphere than natural firewood.

Pine Mountain brand offers convenient, safe and reliable products that enable families to slow down the pace of life by providing the ideal ambiance to celebrate “More warmth. More time. More life.”

“Taking time to relax with family and friends is what makes the experience of Pine Mountain Firelogs so enjoyable,” said Mendy Aul, Vice President and General Manager for Pine Mountain® firelogs. “And you can feel good about burning our firelogs – they are a greener way to enjoy the warmth that a fire can bring.”

Pine Mountain brand offers a full range of firelog options, including: Classic, Crackle, Java-Log®, and even a 100 percent Natural firelog made from all natural, renewable resources.

As the weather turns cooler this fall, Pine Mountain brand plans to unveil a series of promotions for consumers nationwide that support “More warmth. More time. More life.” Check for updates at

About Pine Mountain Brand

Pine Mountain firelogs, a top selling brand of firelogs in the United States, has been adding warmth and a cozy ambience to any occasion for more than 20 years. Pine Mountain brand is a leader in the production and distribution of firelog options, including: Multi-purpose firelogs, 100% Natural firelogs, Java-Log firelogs, firestarters, and outdoor firelogs. For more information, visit or Pine Mountain® brand is part of Jarden Home Brands, a segment of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH).