A quicker way to your every day mountain retreat begins with Pine Mountain Firestarters. All the crackling goodness you love in a fire without any of the hassle.


Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™  Firestarter

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™ Firestarter

Charcoal or wood—a quick fire anytime, anywhere

StarterLogg<sup>®</sup> Firestarters

StarterLogg® Firestarters

A good fire with a simple strike of a match

StarterStikk™ Fatwood Firestarters

StarterStikk™ Fatwood Firestarters

Spark to flame, nature’s way!

Strike-a-Fire Firestarter

Strike-a-Fire Firestarter

Fire starter that strikes like a match.


The Best Ways to Start a Fire Also Happen to be the Easiest Ways to Start a Fire.

Pine Mountain Firestarters One Match

Learn more about starting fires on the first try, every time.

How to Start a Fire