landing Fire

extremestart-logo Quicker. Faster. Better.

ExtremeStart makes it easy to start a fire. Just light a match, and you’ll ignite fire-building success!



ExtremeStart Firestarter

  • Start the Grill Fast Without a Mess
  • Reliable Wood & Charcoal Firestarter
  • Compact Design Fits Most Grates
  • Paper-wrapped for Clean Hands
  • Great for Fires Both Indoors & Outside



How it Works

Grab an ExtremeStart Firestarter

Place firestarter logo-side down in the grill or fire pit.

Build Your Fire

Arrange charcoal or wood around the ExtremeStart Firestarter—no kindling required.

Light Along the Arrows

Use a match or lighter to ignite the seam’s upward-pointing arrows.

Watch it Burn!

ExtremeStart flames last for 20+ minutes to get your fire going strong.

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™ Firestarter

Pine Mountain ExtremeStart™ Firestarter

Whether charcoal or wood, grilling or campfires, the compact ExtremeStart firestarter is the quick and easy solution for all your firestarting needs. Tailgating? Hiking? Hunting? Or a quiet evening in front of the fireplace? Enjoy a good fire with the simple strike of a match—anytime, anywhere.

  • For indoor or outdoor use—fireplaces, fire pits, charcoal grills, chimineas, wood barbeque grills and smokers
  • Burns 20+ minutes for quick and easy lighting
  • Clean burning and odorless with less flare-up
  • Fits most grates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use with charcoal?

Simply arrange a small pile of charcoal with ExtremeStart firestarter in the middle, logo facing down, and light at each arrow. When the charcoals have burned down, the grill is ready.

What if my wood is damp?

No worries! These firestarters pack a punch. Even with damp wood, or green wood, the stick will burn strong enough to light it up.

Does it light fast?

Absolutely. You only need one match to get the firestarter started, then it does the rest—igniting your wood or charcoal into a strong fire.

Will the fire smell?

Nope. ExtremeStart is designed to burn clean. Because it’s odorless, the only thing you should smell is the charcoal or wood—or, you know, the burgers cooking.

How long will it last?

Each box of ExtremeStart contains 12 firestarters, with each designed to burn for 20+ minutes to get your fire going.

Can I use this indoors too?

Yes! These firestarters are perfect for indoor fireplaces. Enjoy the flame in the tailgate parking lot, then park yourself on the couch for a cozy winter fire.