Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation and Java Log


For every four cases of Pine Mountain Java-Log® Firelogs sold, we will donate $2 to the Arbor Day Foundation to support the planting of trees in a U.S. or Canadian forest of greatest need, up to $50,000 annually.

What is the Arbor Day Foundation?

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission is to “inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.” Pine Mountain fully endorses this mission and embraces the Foundation’s conservation and education programs. Our financial support goes a long way in replanting forests, enabling Tree City USA community involvement programs and helping children engage with Nature Explore Classrooms.

What is Tree Canada?

For over 20 years, Tree Canada has pursued a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians. They’ve planted nearly 80 million trees and greened more than 550 schoolyards across Canada. Pine Mountain’s financial support ensures that Tree Canada continues to make a difference in nurturing Canada’s multifaceted landscape.

img-flag-usa    In USA:

Java-Log® firelog purchases in the United States support Arbor Day Foundation programs like reforestation efforts in forests damaged by wildfire and disease.

Learn more about the Arbor Day Foundation.

img-flag-c    In CANADA:

Java-Log® firelog purchases in Canada support1 Tree Canada programs, which partner with private and public sectors, communities and individual Canadians, to maintain a healthy environment through sustaining urban and rural forests.

Learn more about Tree Canada.

1Donation is directed to Tree Canada through the Arbor Day Foundation